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Pastor James Friedman
This message is especially written for you from Pastor James Friedman. Hear what the Lord is saying.
Fill Out an Application

I heard an absolutely wonderful testimony some time ago from one of my sons in the gospel. This young man has been a member of Greater Christian Ministries International for a while now and it has been my honor to serve as his pastor. He shared with me that he made a request unto the Lord for a financial blessing so that he could get his automobile repaired faster. His prayer was short and simple, "Lord, I need more money to fix my car."

For most individuals that would have been the end of the request, but this young man has what I like to call, "Working faith." As the scriptures reveal, "Faith without works is dead." Not too long after his prayer while at his place of employment during his lunch break he decided to go to one of the local restaurants.

Before making his order he asked the young lady at the counter, "Are you guys hiring?" Her reply was simply, "Fill out an application." The young man responded, "Well, I already have a job and I work during the day; therefore, the only time I can be available is after 5:00 PM to close." The young lady's reply was, "Fill out an application."

The young man responded again, "I used to work for this restaurant some time ago but it has been such a long time, I may have forgotten a lot of what to do." Her response was still, "Fill out an application." The young man took an application made his order and while eating filled it out right then and there.

The young lady came to his table and asked, "Do you have time for an interview right now?" He answered, "Yes." It was at this time that the young lady introduced herself as the Hiring Manger of the restaurant. After the interview she asked, "Can you start tomorrow?" Of course his answer was, "Yes." His prayer had been answered; his request fulfilled, "Lord I need more money to fix my car." The answer, "Fill out an application."

You see, just before the young man came into the restaurant and inquired about a position an employee had just quit and this employee worked the 5:00 p.m. to close shift. Now, I know some might consider this as coincidence or luck but as a disciple of Jesus Christ I do not believe in luck. This young man is also a disciple of Jesus Christ and he doesn't believe in luck either but in the divine power of Jesus Christ.

He prayed a simple prayer and made a simple request and then acted upon his request. His motivation allowed a door of opportunity to present itself, "Fill out an application." Many times we pray and make request to God in the Name of Jesus Christ and then do nothing to place ourselves in a position of opportunity.

It would be impossible for me to recall over the years how many times someone has asked me to pray with them for a job. My first question to them is always, "How many resumes have you sent out so far"?Believe it or not on more than one occasion I have been told, "Oh, I don't have a resume" or "I haven't sent out any resumes." My response to this, "I can pray for you for a job until the cows come home but you must do something also. You have a stake in this pray and that is to prepare some resumes and mail them out." God can do the impossible and He moves in the improbable but he requires us to flow in the exceptional process of action.

The scriptures states that, "Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not because ye ask not." James 4:3

Whenever we pray to God in the Name of Jesus Christ it must be done in faith and then backed up with works, action. This allows opportunity to find us as we look for it. Over the years of my life I have been utterly amazed at how God answers prayers. Sometimes it can seem like a spiritual paradox.

During one of my minister/leadership classes some years ago the question was asked, S"hould we pray for the same request over and over again until we receive it or should we ask once and then sit back and let it happen?" My answer was simply this, when you pray and make a request to God it is not enough to just sit back and wait for something to happen nor is it enough to continue asking without action but spiritually, mentally and physically prepare and expect it to happen; this is imperative.

There is a saying, "Success is when preparation meets opportunity." A very wise woman reminded me some time ago during a great challenge in my life, "God is your Father and a son does not have to beg from his Dad all he has to do is ask and know out of love his Father will do it. So just prepare to receive what you need from your dad:" Now having children myself as a father I fully understood what she was saying. God is our Father and all power is in His hand; therefore, take action, prepare and get ready for your realized potential and blessings.

Take time today, right now, "Fill out an application." Stop dreaming for life to change or talking about changing your life or circumstances. Speak your life changing desire in Jesus Name and then act upon it Create for your self the right atmosphere, place yourself in position to receive it when it presents itself to you.

"Fill out an application" and unto next time remember to, "Live in excellence."

Your Internet Pastor James A. Friedman
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