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Greater Christian Ministries International

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Our History
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Greater Christian Ministries is a viable, anointed and word-oriented ministry, rooted and grounded in the principles of holiness and sanctification, as disciples of Jesus Christ.
We are under the pastoral leadership of Bishop James and Evangelist Lee Friedman. The ministry was founded September 1, 1987 by Pastors James and Lee Friedman and became a chartered non-profit ecclesiastical orginzation on October 15, 1987.
Pastors James and Lee Friedman are commited and dedicated to growth and development of the whole person in the Body of Jesus Christ. The spiritual and ministry objective of the pastors are:
1. To disciple the Body of Jesus Christ (the church) for a satisfying, effective, righteous and profitable life in the spiritual principles and disciple on the theWord of God.
2. To enhance the quality of life for the whole person; body, soul and spirit.
3. To teach and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in love and simplicity.
4. To be a safe haven for sinners unto repentence and saints unto spiritual growth and development.

We invite you to become a part of the church today and a piece of its history tomorrow.
Greater Christian Ministries * P.O. Box 685 * Eastpointe * MI * 48021